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This year, in the County where the Paralympic movement started, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympics.  We will honour the work of Dr Guttman and Buckinghamshire’s position as the birthplace of the Paralympic movement through a collaborative project bringing together cultural organisations and d/Deaf and disabled Community Curators across the County.

Together We Build will share the story of the Paralympics, the forerunner of which Dr Guttman started in Stoke Mandeville in the 1940s; now known all over the world.  We will do so in Autumn 2022 through a multi-site exhibition and accessible events programme across 10 well-loved Bucks cultural venues.  This work will be backed up by training in access and disability awareness, development of an Access Manifesto and collection of memories and reflections relating to the 2012 Paralympics. 

We want to share the voices of d/Deaf and disabled residents by empowering them to take on the role of Community Curators, to choose an object that will form part of the exhibition.  Working with the National Paralympic Heritage Trust, our Community Curators will create their own interpretation, sharing why their chosen object is important to them, and what it means to them now.  They will also work closely with the host cultural venues to develop associated, accessible events and activities, forming a collective programme across the county.

The project is funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and Buckinghamshire Culture. It is led by Buckinghamshire Culture, National Paralympic Heritage Trust, Buckinghamshire Archives, Discover Bucks Museum and Waddesdon.

Below is a brief overview of the project and what we will deliver:

Flyer describing project. A Bucks project celebrating 10 years since the London 2012 Paralympics.  The project will involve a range of cultural partners and will empower Community Curators to help us share the story of the Paralympics.  This story started in Stoke Mandeville and is now known all over the world.  The project includes: training for venues and partners, recruitment and engagement of Community Curators to choose objects and share their stories, a multi site exhibition (across 10 cultural venues) and associated programme, collection of memories and oral histories and a schools programme.

Details of events, opportunities and programme will be shared here in due course.

Community Grants

We are offering Community Grants of £250-£750 for volunteer-led and small cultural organisations or community groups to deliver heritage-inspired activities in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympics. These grants will fund activity taking place in Autumn 2022.

We are keen to see a broad range of grass-roots and diverse organisations taking part in the project. Each successful Community Grant recipient will be paired with one of our 10 host venues, as a base and support for their event.

Download the Community Grant processes and criteria here:

Applications can be made via online form from 19th July 2022. Online form can be accessed here:

Deadline for applications: 5pm, 18th August 2022.

Any one seeking help to develop their Community Grant project or application can request a surgery session with Lallie by emailing:

Are you a Curious Community Curator?

Deadline now extended until noon, 18th July!

We are seeking d/Deaf and disabled Community Curators to help share the Paralympic story by choosing one of 10 Paralympic objects to be displayed across Buckinghamshire. Selected individuals will choose an object, be supported to create interpretation that shares the importance of this object, and will work with one of our 10 host venues to help them display their chosen object and develop an accessible event.

For more information and details of how to apply please download the flyer:

Or alternatively, here are the details of what we are looking for:

Seeking Community Curators

Together We Build is a Bucks project celebrating 10 years since the London 2012 Paralympics. We are seeking d/Deaf and disabled Community Curators who want to help us share the story of the Paralympics and what it means now. We will support our Community Curators to pick a collection object and create their own interpretation, which will be displayed alongside their chosen object in one of 10 cultural venues across Bucks. Community Curators will also help devise Paralympics-themed events that will take place at the host organisations.


Recruitment: June/July
Objects interpretation: July/Aug
Events development: Aug/Sept
Exhibition: Sept-Nov

The Host Venues

10 Cultural Venues have signed up to host Paralympic objects, creating a Multi-site exhibition. These are:

  1. Amersham Museum, Amersham
  2. Aylesbury Waterside Theatre,Aylesbury
  3. Bekonscot, Beaconsfield
  4. Chiltern Open Air Museum, Chalfont St Peter
  5. Discover Bucks Museum, Aylesbury
  6. The Elgiva, Chesham
  7. Marlow Library, Marlow
  8. Milton’s Cottage
  9. Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury
  10. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon

Each Community Curator will be paired with a host venue where their chosen object will be displayed. Objects will also be displayed in an online gallery.


Your voices and stories will be shared and valued as part of our physical and online exhibitions. There is a modest amount available to our Curators to cover travel expenses etc.

How to Apply

To apply to be a Community Curator, please contact Lallie (see below) with a
few lines, or a voice note sharing:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Why you are interested in this role
  • Which of the venues listed above you are most interested in working with.

Deadline for applications: 12noon,18th July 22.

Contact Details

Postal address: Buckinghamshire Culture, Owen Harris Building, Buckinghamshire New University, Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe HP11 2JZ

Email address: